Products and Services

We have special systems for:
Rural Electrification Projectsstreet
Small And Large Homes & Offices
Communication Sites/ISP’s /Large and Small BPS
ATM Machines
Small And Large Street Light Projects
Hospital And Clinical Equipments
Small And Large Water Projects
All Types/ Sizes of Farms
Maintenance of Existing Site.

Other different products and services such as:
Solar Powered Street Light
Solar Photovoltaic Modules (Panels)image(9)
Solar Battery
Inverter/ Charger
Solar Charge Controller
Solar Powered Boreholes/ Pumps
Solar Vaccine/ Domestic Refrigerators
Online/Offline UPS
Solar Water Heater
Small/ Large Wind Turbines
Solar Garden Lamps
Linear Current Booster
Automatic Change Over Switch
Surge Protector/ Suppressor
Lightning/ Thunder Arrestor
Aviation Light/ LED
DC/ Energy Saving Appliances


Solar Powered Street light
Solar Powered boreholes and pumps
Solar Batteries
Inverters/ Chargers
Online/Offline UPS etc.
And many other products and appliances.